Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sally Hansen InstaGel Strips

I have probably never been more excited about any product!Since my friend gave me Sally Hansen InstaGel Strips as a present after her visit to America I just couldn't wait to try them, but I had to wait a couple of weeks until one of nail broken nails would grow off...oh those were the two longest weeks of my life. I had to hide a box, so it wouldn't remind me about itself everyday.
And finally today after a thorough inspection I have decided that my defective nail is back on track and can handle some new product testing.

So you can get this product in two options. Option one is the starter kit which includes 16 strips, nail file, nail cleanser, orange stick, gel top coat and a mini LED lamp. Option two includes the same minus the LED lamp. So I had a second kit, because I'm and experienced gel user and already have a lamp!Yay!
So first of all, this product is absolutely fool proof. I just couldn't believe how easy it was to use.
You just need to shape your nails first and choose the strip which will fit your nail. After you've done that, just peel off the protective seal and place the patterned film on your nail. The film is very thin and has a sticky surface that goes on the nail, but it's surprisingly easy to apply, once you've spread the strip over the nail and made sure there are n creases, just file off all the excess. It's very similar to nail wraps, but easier to apply!
After all the nails got their strip, just put the gel top coat as you would a normal nail polish and dry it for a couple of minutes in the LED or UV lamp. And you are done!!That easy!
To take it off just use acetone remover.
The manicure should last for up two weeks.
I'm not quite sure if you can get them in UK yet, but you can have a look at Sally Hansen  website they have quite a big selection of fun colour options!

Have you heard of Sally Hansen InstaGel Strips? Are you tempted to try? 

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