Friday, April 19, 2013

Shampoo update

If you are like me looking for a shampoo that makes your hair squeak when you are washing it, then you might be interested in trying these shampoo and conditioner.

Sacha Juan Volume Shampoo and Conditioner are on my favourites list now , because I'm kind of obsessed with shampoos that make your hair squeaky clean and do not leave a slimy residue. I like that they feel very light , even the conditioner doesn't weigh down the hair, yet they leave your locks very shiny, voluminous, moisturised and smelling so fresh and nice.
If you're interested check out their website Sacha Juan, they have haircare catering to different needs such as dry, normal or coloured hair and a great range of styling products

Have you tried any of Sacha Juan products?


  1. i've heard such good things about sachajuan! gotta try these xx

    1. they are really cool and smell so nice)