Saturday, April 13, 2013

Skin Saviours

Probably like many others I suffer with very dry skin, especially in winter, when it's cold and windy. My elbows get super dry and at times I'm just scared to look at my hands- they are so red and sore.
I've tried so many different creams and lotions, but they seem to only work when they are still on the skin- as soon as you wash it off, you are back at square one. I should say that taking vitamin E helps tremendously, but I also have some secret weapon.

FSC Vitamin E Cream with Calendula is very rich cream that almost doesn't smell of anything. It's very calming and soothing, moisturises perfectly. I should say it's one of my favourites and I only have a tiny bit left and definitely going to restock, it's pretty cheap and a great value for money.
Egyptian Magic is an all purpose cream as it says on the packaging, but do not believe it, it's not a cream, it is more like a wax, you really need just a tiny bit as it is very rich, it instantly melts onto the skin, leaving it super smooth. It contains olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis extract therefore it has very strong healing properties.
I purchased Goe Oil last week from Liberty and since I've tried it all I can do is rave about how good it is. This balm is an impressive blend of such oils and butters as monoi tiare oil, grape seed butter, jojoba butter  and kukuinut oil just to name a few. It comes out of the tube quite thick, but it's enough to warm it up between your palms to liquify the oil, it smells absolutely gorgeous and gets absorbed immediately. 
A great thing about this product that it has a million uses, you can even use it on the hair as a mask or a smoothing serum.

What are your skin saviours?

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