Monday, April 8, 2013

Bobbi Brown and One Very Strange Product

Hey hey hey!

I recently purchased a lovely Bobbi Brown eye shadow in Black Chocolate that I wanted to share with you!

When I was flicking through pages online I saw that sparkly brown shadow that just caught my eye..and all I could think about : I must have one!It must have hypnotised me.

Very rich chocolate brown with bronze shimmer. It is a bit dry and because it has large shimmer particles it doesn't stick to skin as good as your regular eye shadows, so you need to really work it in and apply a few layers. But I think it's such a gorgeous shade and I can't wait to use it to create a stunning smokey eye. 

So, I also wanted to tell you about the weirdest product that I've ever tried, haha.
Meet the Balm

Basically, this balm is more like a wax (really similar to the one you would use on your hair) but it is made to remove make up. I should say I have never had that much fun removing my make up and my bf said I looked "freaky". First of all I absolutely love the packaging, it is so retro and pretty. You need to scoop up some of this wax with your finger, close your eye (don't open it all the way through, otherwise you gonna be left with some grease on your contacts , if you wear them), and spread it over your eye lid and massage it in a bit until the make up breaks down and then just wipe it off with the cotton pad! Easy and fun! Removes make up really well, it doesn't have any scent and is very delicate on the tender skin around the eyes.

Do you have your favourite Bobbi Brown shade? 
What's your favourite product to remove make up?


  1. The Bobbi Brown shadow reminds me of the fashionista ones, I think it's 'Brunette Bombshell', the texture looks exactly the same, should check them out if you haven't already!
    The balm is interesting, I've never used anything like that to remove makeup, I love Bioderma, a product talked to death on blogs but it removes everything so well!

    1. Oh I love Bioderma as well they have great products!