Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bright Blue? Deep Purple!

Even though I promised myself to write here regularly, but nevertheless I just didn't have time to share anything here (busy university days are to blame, but soon it's gonna be
Anyway, I've got something super exciting last week and couldn't wait to try it!
I got pretty bored with all my gels lately and was searching for something new and interesting. So a friend of mine told she tried this amazing colour changing gel.
Needless to say that I turned to my old friend Amazon the same evening in hope to get something similar!And oh how lucky I was to come across Bluesky Gel Nail Polish (shade 024 on the pictures).
They have quite a few interesting colour combinations like hot pin and white, beige and brown and other check out Bluesky gels to choose your shade!The gel changes colour depending on the temperature.

To be honest when my gel arrived I was quite worried to try it, as the formula seemed to be super thick and I was afraid I might have some problems drying and applying it.
When I finally got some courage to try it and prepared myself for the worst I was very pleasantly surprised how easy it was to use. I needed 3 coats of colour and it dried very quickly, didn't go bubbly or wrinkly at all.
I find it very intrertaining watching my nails change colour!When warm my nails are bright blue, when cold deep purple. But there are a few shades in-between..from darker blue to deep blue, and sometimes they can be gradient. I guess the effect is even better on longer nails.
My gel has some silvery white glitter of different sized which I find looks very pretty!

What are your thoughts? Would you like to try?

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