Saturday, April 6, 2013


Happy Saturday!

Eye shadow update!

These ones are from the &Other Stories.. beauty basket that I got on my bday from my lovely girls.

Linen Beige Naquet was quite tricky to capture, as it is almost the same colour as my skin but with a bit of shimmer. It is definitely my favourite, there is a similar shade in my MUA palette that I've been using every day , so there is hardly anything left of it. So I'm glad I have a great replacement for it. 
Stockinette Nude is a very pale matte shadow, which I think is good to use under the brow or in the middle of the upper eye lid to give it some definition.
Foularde Marrakech is a highly pigmented matte reminded me of summer and figs..I love figs by the way.
And the last one is loose shimmery eye shadow which comes in a little tub with an applicator similar to those ones you get with lip' s a bit tricky to apply as everything seems to stick to the applicator, so I find it is easier to put some on the back of your hand and then apply with the brush to eyes. I think it is a bit of a multitasker, it's great for highlighting the corners of the eyes, under the brow, or just dabbing a bit on your cheek bones for some radiance.
And these colours go together pretty well creating a smokey eye.

Have you tried any &Other Stories eye shadows?

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