Sunday, February 10, 2013


Hello, beauties!

Sorry that I haven't been posting anything here yet, but I didn't have much free time this week and when I had some I was feeling extremely lazy!So now when I finally have a free moment before the Sunday gym I wanted to tell you about two hair products that I tried recently.

 Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream   (on the left on the picture ) came in one of my monthly subscription boxes before Christmas, but I didn't have a chance to try it out, until a couple of weeks ago I gave it a go. I should say that the name of that product speaks for itself, as the whole packaging is made to resemble whipped cream can, not only the nozzle is absolutely the same as on the sweet delight but it also smells and looks like whipped cream! It's best to use it on the damp hair just before you style it, I just spread a kiwi sized (what a comparison) portion of whipped cream over my hair and blow dry as usual, it leaves the locks very well-condtioned, moisturised and shiny without weighing them down, Milk-Shake actually gives the hair a little more volume and doesn't have that dreaded tacky residue.

I saw Redken Extreme Cat spray in one of the magazines and it claimed that one of the big TV stars is a big fan of it!I couldn't resist trying especially it was such a bargain at 14 quid. I was quite surprised as I thought that it was a conditioning spray that you would use before drying your hair, but instead you are supposed to use it as your usual conditioner after shampooing the hair  and spraying it over and leaving for a few minutes to work. I find it much easier to spray the conditioner in my hand first and then spreading it over the hair, as when you spray it directly to the hair it seems to fly in all direction never reaching the original destination. I quite enjoy using that product, it smells lovely and detangles my hair leaving them extra soft and shiny!So i would definitely recommend trying it!

What are your favourite hair products?

See you next time,
love K

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