Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hair and Make-up

Gonna tell you about two new products they I've tried recently and one long-time favourite!

Yesterday my Birchbox arrived and among all the other goodness it had a very exciting hair product inside! Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Plump'n Thick, basically it is a spay to add volume and thickness to hair. I was quite skeptical at first as I tried so many similar products but they all have left my hair feeling quite sticky and really don't like that. But I gave it a chance today and I loved it! It's the best product of that kind that I've ever had. Instructions says that you can use it on towel-dried hair or any time and then style. I used it wet hair and what a difference it made!Wow! While I was drying my locks I kept on wondering if it was my hair I was drying: as it literally doubled in size! It left my hair light, with no residue, but with a great volume!
After styling my hair I always use Moroccanoil as a serum, you need just a few drops, it revives dry ends and adds shine and...oooooh it smells heavenly! By the way, it's quite a diverse product as you can use it as hair mask: just apply generously over hair, cling film or warm towel (or both) , 2 hours and  ...magic!hair is wonderfully soft and shiny!

I'd like to thank my friend Maja for introducing my uneducated self to the great budget product: L'oreal  Nude Magique BB Cream!! Have no idea why I've never heard of that new product, but it's totally amazing! It's quite entertaining just to apply it as at first when you squeeze it from the tub it's kinda white with blue speckles, but when you start blending it onto the skin it turns nude!!Isn't that amazing??
 I find that it doesn't give a full coverage, but it definitely evens the skin tone so I use it as base under the make-up, it gives a flawless finish and feels very smooth!Great product!

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