Saturday, February 23, 2013


Hello, lovelies!Hope you are all having a great weekend even though it's freezing cold outside!

I am lately on a quest to find that perfect nude lipstick, but all of those I've tried are either too pink or too brown, or too purple and so on and on and on! So while looking for some presents for dad and bf in Liberty's I came across the brand called Hourglass, they have quite a good range of make up,but I was specifically attracted to their lipsticks, as the shades they have are absolutely gorgeous, they have a few gorgeous reds, but the nude colours are amazing!
 I chose the shade called Whisper and the lip pencil in Bare(that i accidentally broke soon after taking pictures, what a shame!!) that go together beautifully! The lipstick has a very moisturising non-drying formula and feels very nice on the lips! 

And here is a quick picture of moi wearing the lipstick, as you can see it doesn't look as dark on the lips as it does on the back of my hand. I think it's a great one for everyday make-up! So check it out and find your perfect shade!

Oh, and I also was convinced (once a again!) as I have absolutely no will power and strength of character when it comes to make up and sales persuasive sales assistants. So I walked away with another addition to my ever-growning Wonder Box: Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation in S102L.
This skin veil feels very very moisturising and you can hardly see it on the skin, it gives that famous dewy look. I can't say that I am a big fan of that dewy thing as it just doesn't feel comfortable for me and plus my skin gets a bit oily. So when I tried it at home at first I wasn't impressed at all and quite disappointed. But then I tried to mix it with L'Oreal BB Cream that I spoke about last time and oh..a miracle!!It was the winning combination!
Combined together these products give a good coverage, yet it's very very light and doesn't look cakey on the skin. Won-der-ful!
Here is a little swatch of the skin veil!

What's your favourite foundation?Did you try any other products by Ellis Faas?


  1. Never before i tried products from Ellis as. Now I´m usinf foundation from a korean bran called Lioele is really georgeus.

    Really interesting post.


    1. Thank u! Never heard of Lionele before, going to research it! xx