Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hello, beauties!!

Today's post is going to be dedicated to my new super duper tooth brush! Just before Christmas, like many of us, I managed to get a nasty cold and one thing after another and my teeth started hurting, so I found myself sitting in the dentist's chair ( a very comfortable chair by the way, could do with one of those at home). Apart from making me extremely "happy" by removing my wisdom tooth (probably so I could control myself better over the festive period and stopped eating that much) , the dentist also advised me to try an electric tooth brush. I've always been quite hesitant to try electric tooth brush, because even though I understand it's completely or not? safe, I still feel funny about something electric in my mouth. After contemplating a bit and thinking of how excited the dentist sounded, I thought "Why not?"
So meet Marcello (yes, my tooth brush is a he) the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Tooth Brush.

Marcello not only looks wonderfully futuristic but also has lots of things to surprise you with. First of all it comes with the stylish glass and a charger. Before use Diamond Clean should be fully charged using the charging station and the glass that should be placed on top of the station and then ...magic!You just put your tooth brush in the glass and it somehow charges! The charge would last up to 3 weeks and the battery sign on the display would say when your tooth brush should be recharged. 
Secondly, Sonicare has 5 different modes: Clean, White, Polish, Gum Care and Sensitive. The illuminated display turns off after you finish brushing. I should say that I am pretty impressed with this little gadget: it really leaves the teeth squeaky clean and polished, as if you visited the dentist!
Interestingly, if you buy it directly from Philips website it costs almost 2.5 times more then if you purchase it from Amazon!

Would you consider getting Sonicare Diamond? Do you use electric toothbrush? What brand?

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