Monday, May 27, 2013

It's all about the hair...

I recently came across the brand called Osmo and kinda went crazy and bought 3 hair products at once. If you are looking for a leave-in conditioner or some spray that will help you straighten your locks, you probably should try these. They are quite affordable with price ranging from £5 to £9 and I got mine from Amazon as I find it very convenient.

Osmo Staighten Up 3 Day Keratin Complex is to be used on wet hair and applied section by section before you start drying and then to reinforce the effect it's suggested to use straightening iron. I'll be completely honest with you and admit that I can not comment whether the straight style stay for 3 days, as I really like washing my hair every morning, but I can definitely say, that when I wake up my hair still smooth and curl-free like it was the night before. I also don't use straightening iron, but the results that I get only   with hairdryer and a brush is quite good.

Osmo Deep Moisturising Hair Repair is leave in treatment that helps to "strengthen and reconstruct hair without weighing them down." It also has Patchouli and Ylang Ylang extracts in it, so it smells absolutely lovely. All you need to do is spray this product evenly over the towel dried hair, brush it and then dry. 

Osmo Wonder: 10 Effects Leave-in Treatment. Just like his brothers this spray should be applied on to wet hair before drying, but sometimes when I feel it was not enough I add some more on the ends when I'm done with drying my hair. This leave-in treatment promises to achieve 10 effects: repair dry hair, nourish and protect for radiant shine, give thermal protection from styling tools, deliver soft and silky manageable results, help to protect colour, help to create body and movement, detangles your hair, aids in prevention of static, conditions, smoothes split ends and controls frizz!
Wow what a multi- tasker! Yes to this!

What I really like about all of this products is that they really don't weigh the hair down and make it appear greasy. My hair looks very full,voluminous and shiny , yet all the frizz is gone and the ends are smooth. No matter how you wear your hair up or down, it just makes hair more manageable and smooth, which is always nice.
So the bottom line is, these products definitely worth trying!Just pick the one to meet your needs.

Have you heard of Osmo before? HAve you tried their products? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Wow these sound really gd, will defo check the osmo wonder one out, thanks for the review xoxo