Sunday, March 3, 2013

Skin Care

Hello, hello! Hope you all had a great weekend!
I had lovely time myself, visited Borough Market with my bf and had some tasty fish for lunch at the local restaurant! My Sunday haven't been as exciting though as I had to study for the exam (but I was so lazy that had a nap midway).
Anyway, lets move on to some pleasant stuff!

I have some skincare products for you today: Skin Doctors Powerbrasion and Gamma Hydroxy Cream and MM System Glycolic Acid Masque. These are a part of my weekly beauty regime and I repurchase them every time. I would put them under the category of pharmaceuticals as they are stronger then your usual over the counter creams. 
In autumn I was looking for some dermabrasion systems to exfoliate skin gently, get rid of black heads and just get this healthy glow. I should say I did't want to spend a fortune either, so when I came across this Skin Doctors set I got it immediately. I've been using the Gamma Hydroxy Resurfacing Cream for a couple of years: it contains acids, that exfoliate the skin while hydrating it. It's a miracle cream that works wonders on any dry patch (even hands, body and lips) leaving skin nice and smooth- but it feels a bit tingly at first as you apply it- acids working- nothing to worry about. So back to the dermabrasion set, it's a great deal as you get a full size Powerbrasion cream, Gamma Hydroxy Cream and the dermabrasion vibrating device all for a mere 40 quid (the cream alone costs 30!). I usually start with washing my face with a cleanser and then apply a bit of the Powerbrasion Cream on the wet face and massage it in circular movements with the dermabrasion device, it all takes a few minutes. After washing of the scrub I use the MM Glycolic Masque, you only need a bit, so this tiny jar lasts forever. The instruction says to wash off the mask in 2-5 minutes, it can also can feel a bit tingly because of the acid.
After doing this regularly 2-3 times a week since autumn I can really tell the difference: the skin is much smoother, skin tone is more even and I definitely have less black heads. As you just using it you might have a break out as the skin cleanses itself, but persist and you will see a great improvement!

You can purchase the Skin Doctors Dermabrasion Set from Amazon and I get the MM Masque from here , it is a great a great website for professional skincare ( and they have a very fast delivery)

What is your beauty regime?? Have you tried dermabrasion?

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