Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Giant Beauty Basket

Hello, beauties!!

I'm now back to normality (diet,gym, blogging) after bday weekend! I can't thank enough my dear friends and family who made my bday so special!Thank you so much, guys!
And of course no one knows better than my bf and friends that the best present for obsessed moi is smth beauty related!!And oh dear God!I've got so so so so many beauty products to try now and then report on them to you!Yay!!
Look at that massive basket with all the goodies from the new store by H&M called &Other Stories! Aaaa I'm so excited!

Soooo, the first thing I did when I got home with all this goodness , I jumped in the shower with the Body Scrub Shinjuku Bloom , it has quite a thick texture but once mixed with a bit of water it becomes quite foamy. It is a sugar scrub (and oh did try it and it was sweet), the exfoliating particles reminded me of beads, they are rounded and not harsh on the skin. I think it's great as it works as both: scrub and shower gel. And did I mention that it smells like a japanese garden?

Lemon Daydream Body Souffle just melts on the skin and gets absorbed in a matter of seconds, it is very light, yet moisturising . It leaves the skin super soft and has a very delicate fresh fragrance.

Another product is Sleep Dream Cream by ThisWorks. Girls have been telling that everyone who tried that miracle cream slept really good. To be honest, I was quite skeptical : how can a cream make you sleep better. But after last night I can say "it DOES work" haha it's quite creepy but I do not remember when was the last time when I slept THAT deep! I just massaged into my feet, hands and neck and literally 3 minutes later after my head touched my lovely Tempur pillow I was gone to the Kingdom of Wonderful Dreams. This cream is packed with essential oils of provancal lavender, vetivert, camomile blended with crambre and mysterious Gold of pleasure oils. It kind of reminded me the smell of Faith in Nature Ylang-Ylang shower gel. Very light, sensual scent that makes you relaxed, if you have a good imagination you can close your eyes and picture yourself in a spa. Great product!Loved it! It is going to live on my night stand:)

Have you checked out the &Other Stories collection yet?What did you get?

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