Sunday, January 27, 2013

My first entry!Yay!

Hello, everyone! 
Can't believe that I am finally writing here, as it took me almost 5 moths to start my own beauty blog! I kept putting it off and was scared to start blogging! But this morning I felt like it was The Day! I spent a few hours though, thinking about what exactly I should tell you guys first!
I'll start with a bit about myself! My name is Ksenia and I'm a fashion business student in London and I am absolutely obsessed with all the beauty products and love trying something new. I have multiple boxes and bags and other containers filled with little bottles and tubes, they are everywhere!!!
So today I wanted to share my  favourites with you!
So my absolute favourite is the StriVectin Overnight facial Resurfacing Serum.  I suffer with dark spots left after outbreaks that are extremely hard to get rid off or cover up, so I've been looking for some  miracle product that would solve that problem and..Hurray! I think I found it!! You should apply it before bed so it can work its magic over the night, the texture is a bit sticky at first, but once it's all absorbed it feels very pleasant on the skin, oh and it has a light white flower scent. After a few days(nights?) of using it I noticed that my two dark spots have definitely gone lighter!So I totally advise you that super serum if you have a similar problem or just want an even skin tone !!

The next two products are by the brand Algenist that i discovered just before Christmas by looking through SpaceNK brochure with ideas for presents. This American brand had been researching micro algae and made an unexpected discovery, they found a powerful compound that protects the algae cells from harsh environment, the scientist extracted Alguronic acid (the main active ingredient in all their products ) that demonstrated superior results. I could not resist trying it!
Here on the the picture I've got Algenist Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser and Concentrated Reconstructing Serum. The cleanser is very gentle yet it removes thoroughly all the impurities and make up. I use the serum only in the morning as in the evening it all about StriVectin, but all these products combined significantly improved the way my skin looks: the tone is more even, it is smooth and I have less blemishes. The Algenist products may be a bit pricy, but you do not need to use much so one bottle would last long and it is totally worth it!

Lastly, I wanted to talk about the Coconut oil, mine is by the Lemongrass House and I received it as a Christmas present, by I guess you can find it now in almost any organic shop. There are so many uses to this oil, but my favourite is to use it as a hair mask. I usually do it once a week, I put a generous amount on my hair and wrap my head with a few layers of cling film and then put a towel around it. Normally I would leave it for a couple of hours (but in this case i like to follow the rule "The longer the better"). It can a bit tricky to wash off, it may take 3 shampoos and Voila!- hair feels very silky, smooth and revived.

That's all for today!
See you next time 

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